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What I said was quite different than that. I said that a media person was there to provoke the protestors, and when a few of them became very upset, it got physical, and when you're getting physical with somebody, there is a possibility that they are going to get physical with you. Just because somebody gets a taste of their own medicine doesn't mean I am endorsing the medicine and signing off on its side-effects. I just think that for anybody who is dismayed by the way the media, on both sides of the spectrum, lies to the American public, when a person is out there actively involved in creating a fake story to further their career and cause, one should not feel the need to jump to their defense.

I really wouldn't want to be siding with either one of the groups involved in this scuffle and it's a popular misconception that to condemn one you have to side with another.
We still dont know what the whole story is. You are rendering judgement on incomplete info. I am rendering judgement based on what information I DO know. That information is that a number of union members ought to be in jail or fined for several misdemeanors.

But prosecution can and sometimes is a political animal.