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Thread: Portugal debates future of welfare state

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    Re: Portugal debates future of welfare state

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Austin View Post
    Truth is, if you look at a lot of countries, their dirty little secret from the electorate, is that left or right, theyve been trying to cut back on welfare, & welfare spending for a long time now.

    Welfare, as traditionally viewed in most of Europe, is under review.
    Well... what we have here is someone admitting Europe is Socialist, and recognizing some are trying to cut back the corrupt system.

    Some are trying to cut it, and cut services people paid into! And they are expanding it too! Why? They can't help themselves.

    I lived in Sverige when they began the deconstruction of their socialist mess... but a lot is still in place.
    Germany... they've tried cutting, and then they expand; like their latest inane venture to have all kids in day care. Who pays for this bit of socialist BS? Someone must.

    Like I said... I know Europe and its socialist nightmare.
    You do not get into serious problems with limited government and a strong military... and these nations (and Kanuckistan) have gutted their militaries... letting the US pick up the tab.

    Hatuey... have you read the free book I linked to below? Have a go... open your mind.
    The Clintons are what happens...
    when you have NO MORAL COMPASS.

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    Re: Portugal debates future of welfare state

    Welfare is not a sign of socialism.

    The Welfare state is not a bad thing. Not inherently. It can turn into a bad thing if the people running the country are idiots and hence, the people electing them are not that bright either. But it is a good thing whose groundwork has been made by liberals and conservatives, the European kind, not the american version of conservative and liberal.

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