So for the past year and a half we have had this ongoing battle for the presidency which the news networks have been eating up like candy. Now it is all over, and people are moving on, and the news is trying despertately to make news out of nothing. They are all like Look we have a general sleeping with women that are not his wife and resigning. no really we can entertain you, please do not go back to watching the jersey shore. We can give you drama and sex scandals too.

What is the big payoff here? The worst case scenario is he slept with a couple of women who are not his wife and waited to resign until after the election so his bull**** did not effect america's vote. I would like to thank him for waiting because with all the other mung and crap going on we certainly did nopt need this unrelated thing messing with the election. he did the right thing. He screwed up, he knew it would be a huge scandal, and he kept it quiet until the whole battle had finished because none of that should have been about him at all. So really this is just another guy who cheated on his wife, and he was not even one of the people screaming about the sanctity of marriage and all that so who cares?

The news has got to stop blowing this so far out of proportion. The election is over, people are changing the channel. We all feel a little dirty for watching the whole thing unfold with your sensationalism and bull****. You divided a nation and now the war is over. People want to go on with their lives, and it is over for you for a few months until the next election cycle starts up and you can get everyone at each other's throats again. Do you really think we want to argue with each other over some general's fling with a couple of jersey shore bimbos?