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Thread: CIA Director Resigns

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    Re: CIA Director Resigns

    Just announced.

    Appears another 4-star General has been demoted and booted for misbehavior. (That club is not having a good year.....)

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    Re: CIA Director Resigns

    Saw this on the daily show and thought you guys might like it.

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    Re: CIA director Petraeus resigns over affair

    Quote Originally Posted by Redress View Post
    The opportunity for blackmail exists with pretty much every one. It does not make it particularly likely. With the rest of the facts involved, the chance that the issue here is blackmail is vanishingly small. All those details are in this very thread. Is English your second language?
    Isn't it interesting? Blackmail is always a possibility when you are in a position of power and lack the moral fiber to do the right thing. I didn't think accusations of blackmail would be pointed at Obama... but it seems quite odd now when you connect the dots... does it not?

    And to think... major publications discuss the potential of blackmail actually having occurred! Within our own government!!! From the leader of Parasite Nation.

    The Petraeus Affair and the Risk of Blackmail: Another Nail In America's Coffin
    The Petraeus Affair and the Risk of Blackmail: Another Nail In America's Coffin - Forbes

    Did the White House Blackmail General Petraeus to Support a Cover Story?
    Mainstream Media Caught In Snarl Of Tangled Benghazi Yarns - Forbes

    I think the really shocking news today was that General Petraeus thought and hoped he could keep his job. He thought that it might and it would be kept secret, and that he could stay in his position... It meant that he understood that the FBI obviously knew what was going on. He was hoping that those administration officials would not disclose what had happened, and therefore hoping that he would keep his job. And that meant that he understood that his job, his reputation, his legacy, his whole celebrated life was in the hands of the administration, and he expected they would protect him by keeping it quiet.

    And that brings us to the ultimate issue, and that is his testimony on September 13. That’s the thing that connects the two scandals, and that’s the only thing that makes the sex scandal relevant. Otherwise it would be an exercise in sensationalism and voyeurism and nothing else.

    The reason it’s important is here’s a man who knows the administration holds his fate in its hands, and he gives testimony completely at variance with what the Secretary of Defense had said the day before, at variance with what he’d heard from his station chief in Tripoli, and with everything that we had heard. Was he influenced by the fact that he knew his fate was held by people within the administration at that time?

    Dr. Krauthammer continued,

    Of course it was being held over Petraeus’s head, and the sword was lowered on Election Day. You don’t have to be a cynic to see that as the ultimate in cynicism. As long as they needed him to give the administration line to quote Bill, everybody was silent. And as soon as the election’s over, as soon as he can be dispensed with, the sword drops and he’s destroyed. I mean, can you imagine what it’s like to be on that pressure and to think it didn’t distort or at least in some way unconsciously influence his testimony? That’s hard to believe.

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