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Thread: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    Quote Originally Posted by Goshin View Post
    We should unleash the power of Chaos to solve these problems. Create a list of Detroit citizens who have never been charged with any crime, then issue each an AK47 and ten loaded magazines. Declare open season on all gangbangers, thugs mugs and druggies for thirty days with no bag limit, and seal off the city.

    Open it back up when the 30 days are done, and the problem will likely be solved. If it isn't, well at least the honest citizens got to have some fun for a while.

    A list of Detroit citizens who have never been charged with a crime? How about settling for a posse of 1.

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    Quote Originally Posted by The Prof View Post
    detroit, chicago, philly, east st louis, large swathes of la...

    many of our inner cities are dying

    Enter At Your Own Risk: Police Union Says ‘War-Like’ Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors « CBS Detroit

    but it gets worse

    detroit police chief ralph godbee was suspended this week for having an affair with the same lieutenant monique patterson, whose affair with previous chief, warren evans, ended the career of that corrupt law enforcement figure

    but it gets worse

    lieutenant patterson, who now feels jilted, apparently, cuz chief goodbee took another woman to a party, is now alleging that she was offered a promotion by goodbee in return for her favors

    and she's releasing emails she's kept to show her case

    she also says she's saved a used condom to prove it

    but it gets worse

    lieutenant patterson claims she emailed mayor david bing's office thru his deputy saul green informing them of what was going on, and "they weren't interested in doing anything"

    Detroit police chief suspended over affair with officer, who tweeted photo of herself with a gun in her mouth after she found out he was seeing someone else | Mail Online

    Cop says she has proof she traded sex with Godbee for promotion - Fox 2 News Headlines

    everyone remembers mayor kwame kilpatrick in 2008

    Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleads guilty to felonies, resigns - Los Angeles Times

    vincent gray in dc

    Vincent Gray is the latest D.C. mayor to be dogged by scandal - CNN

    tom mack in trenton

    Mayor Of Trenton, New Jersey Arrested In Corruption Probe « CBS Philly

    very sad
    This was always going to happen, police rule is based on having the support of the people.
    The police were not engineered to deal with a massive inner city problem or a massively hostile population they've had to adapt best they can.

    The move forward, back the police up with the military, declare emergency law, kill drug dealers, put Govt alternative drugs to users to try and get them off the crime habit. Allow the homeless to reclaim the vast number of empty properties that have been foreclosed. No one with money wants to live in them.

    Have the few surviving law abiding areas to form a neighbourhood watch, but to act as a miltia with powers of detention and defence of life/property. These could have a radio to the police and act as further assistance.

    Take on the gangs, get those brave enough to have the gun fights out there and backed up.
    Have the FBI monitor closely the mayor, police chief, and other city power brokers. Those who are corrupt do away with. If Mexico has the balls to get rid of half it's police force for being corrupt and cartel controlled the US can do the same and it wouldn't even need to go that far.

    It will only get better when someone dares to make changes.

    The Police are waving the White flag, it's time to adapt and try something different.
    The laws are there, the authority and social remedies are missing.

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    Quote Originally Posted by washunut View Post
    A list of Detroit citizens who have never been charged with a crime? How about settling for a posse of 1.
    Here's are more positive look at Detroit

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    Brilliant article by a user called Blix can't find there real name:

    "Do you want to see where this country is headed? If so, don't focus
    on the few areas that are still very prosperous. New York City has Wall
    Street, Washington D.C. has the federal government and Silicon Valley
    has Google and Facebook. Those are the exceptions. The reality is that
    most of the country has been experiencing a slow decline for a very
    long time and once thriving cities such as Gary, Indiana and Flint,
    Michigan have become absolute hellholes. They are examples of what the
    rest of America will look like soon.

    60 years ago,
    most Americans were decent, hard working people and there were always
    good jobs available for anyone that was willing to roll up his or her
    sleeves and put in an honest day of work. But now all of that has
    changed. Over the past decade, tens of thousands of manufacturing
    facilities have shut down and millions of jobs have left the country.
    Cities such as Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit were once shining
    examples of everything that was right about America, but now they stand
    out like festering sores. The "blue collar cities" have been hit the
    hardest by the gutting of our economic infrastructure. There are many
    communities in America today where it seems like all of the hope and all
    of the life have been sucked right out of them.

    You can see it in the
    eyes of the people. The good times are gone permanently and they know
    it. Unfortunately, the remainder of the country will soon be
    experiencing the despair that those communities are feeling.
    The following are 12 hellholes that are examples of what the rest of America will look like soon....

    #1 Gary, Indiana

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    Gary, Indiana was once a great industrial city.

    Today, it is one of the ten most dangerous cities in America, and the population has fallen by about 50 percent.

    The following is from a recent Daily Mail article....

    Frequently rated one of the ten most dangerous cities
    in the United States, Gary once boomed with jobs and opportunities but
    now faces the acute difficulties of America's growing rust belt, with 22
    percent of families in the once-great city now lying below the poverty
    This modern American ghost town began life as home for workers at
    the United States Steel Corporation plant until economic competition
    from abroad forced a 90 percent job cut.
    It is hard to describe what is happening to Gary without using the
    word "depressing". You can watch a great video that shows what Gary,
    Indiana looks like these days right here.
    This is what happens when industry leaves and there are no jobs.
    Gary has become a wasteland and there is essentially no hope for a
    The following is how James Kunstler described what he experienced when he traveled through Gary, Indiana recently....

    Between the ghostly remnants of factories stood a
    score of small cities and neighborhoods where the immigrants settled
    five generations ago. A lot of it was foreclosed and shuttered. They
    were places of such stunning, relentless dreariness that you felt
    depressed just imagining how depressed the remaining denizens of these
    endless blocks of run-down shoebox houses must feel. Judging from the
    frequency of taquerias in the 1950s-vintage strip-malls, one inferred
    that the old Eastern European population had been lately supplanted by a
    new wave of Mexicans. They had inherited an infrastructure for daily
    life that was utterly devoid of conscious artistry when it was new, and
    now had the special patina of supernatural rot over it that only comes
    from materials not found in nature disintegrating in surprising and
    unexpected ways, sometimes even sublimely, like the sheen of an oil
    slick on water at a certain angle to the sun. There was a Chernobyl-like
    grandeur to it, as of the longed-for end of something enormous that
    hadn't worked out well.
    Sadly, Gary is far from alone. There are a whole host of other
    formerly great U.S. cities that are degenerating into hellholes as well.
    #2 Chicago, Illinois

    There is something truly special about Chicago. Most of America
    loved the Bears of the Walter Payton era, the Bulls of the Michael
    Jordan era and the Cubs of the Ernie Banks era. Chicago is also known
    for great architecture and great pizza.
    But these days "the windy city" is becoming known for other things.

    The murder rate in Chicago is up 38 percent so far this year, and the recent spike in violence in the city has made national headlines.

    As I noted the other day, there are only about 200 police officers in Chicago's Gang Enforcement Unit to deal with an estimated 100,000 gang members.

    That means that those officers are outnumbered 500 to 1, and more gang members pour into the city every single day.

    The escalating violence in Chicago was detailed in a recent article in the Telegraph....

    "This is a block-to-block war here, a different
    dynasty on every street," said a dreadlocked young man heavily inked in
    gang tattoos who calls himself "Killer".
    "All the black brothers just want to get rich, but we got no jobs
    and no hope. We want the violence to stop but you ain't safe if you
    ain't got your pistol with you. Too many friends, too many men are being
    killed. We don't even cry at funerals no -more. Nobody expects to live
    past 21 here."
    The victims and killers are mainly black males aged between 15
    and 35, often with gang affiliations - but not exclusively. A
    seven-year-old girl, Heaven Sutton, was buried this month after being
    gunned down at her mother's street sweet store. And last week, two girls
    aged 12 and 13 were shot and badly-wounded as they walked home from a
    newly-opened community centre.
    If you are thinking of moving to Chicago, you might want to think again.

    #3 Detroit, Michigan

    I have written repeatedly about Detroit because it is a perfect example of what the rest of America is going to look like soon.

    Once upon a time it was regarded as one of the top manufacturing
    cities the world had ever seen, but today it has become a total
    There are very few decent jobs available, poverty has exploded and crime is everywhere.

    If you can believe it, 53.6% of all children in Detroit are living in poverty, and only 25 percent of all students in Detroit graduate from high school at this point.

    And as I wrote about recently, justifiable homicide in Detroit increased by a whopping 79 percent during 2011, and the rate of self-defense killings in Detroit is now approximately 2200% above the national average.

    Is it any wonder that you can still buy a house for $100 in some areas of Detroit?

    The truth is that many areas of Detroit now resemble a
    post-apocalyptic wasteland. Perhaps that is why one team of investors
    actually wants to turn some of the worst areas of Detroit into a zombie theme park....
    Derelict areas of Detroit face being taken over by
    hordes of 'flesh and brain-eating zombies' if an ambitious business plan
    takes off.
    Entrepreneur Mark Siwak wants to create live-action terror theme park 'Z World' on Motor City's run-down and abandoned streets.

    Customers would pay to be chased by professional actors and try to seek shelter in ghostly homes, factories and businesses.

    You can see some great video of the "ruins of Detroit" right here.

    #4 Stockton, California

    Stockton is one of the ten most dangerous cities in America and it recently made national headlines when it declared bankruptcy.

    Unfortunately, as spending on law enforcement has declined it has
    given the criminals a lot more room to operate in Stockton. The
    following is from a recent Business Insider article....
    The city has cut more than $90 million
    in spending over the past few years, specifically in its police
    department. The city has cut over one quarter of its police jobs, which
    has led to a "surge in murders," and has created an "emboldened criminal
    element" in the city. According to police spokesman Joe Silva, the city
    has had 87 murders since the start of 2011, 29 of which have already
    occurred this year. In contrast, there were 35 murders in 2009 and 48 in 2010.
    With six months left in the year, there have already been more murders
    in the city since the start of 2011 than the two-year stretch of
    A while back in Stockton a billboard was put up with the following
    message: "Welcome to the 2nd most dangerous city in California. Stop
    laying off cops."
    #5 Flint, Michigan

    Flint, Michigan is a city that Michael Moore has made famous. Flint
    once supported hordes of middle class workers thanks to a thriving auto
    industry, but today it is a just a rotting shell. It looks like a war
    went through it and nobody bothered to clean up the mess.
    At this point, the murder rate in Flint, Michigan is worse than the murder rate in Baghdad. That is how nightmarish things have become in Flint.

    The following is from an article in the New York Times....

    It’s not that the cops here are scared; it’s just that they’re outmanned, outgunned and flat broke.

    Flint is the birthplace of General Motors and the home of the
    U.A.W.’s first big strike. In case you didn’t know this, the words
    “Vehicle City” are spelled out on the archway spanning the Flint River.
    But the name is a lie. Flint isn’t Vehicle City anymore. The
    Buick City complex is gone. The spark-plug plant is gone. Fisher Body is
    What Flint is now is one of America’s murder capitals. Last year
    in Flint, population 102,000, there were 66 documented murders. The
    murder rate here is worse than those in Newark and St. Louis and New
    Orleans. It’s even worse than Baghdad’s.
    Politicians love to go to Flint and make speeches, but things never
    get any better. The following are comments that Joe Biden made about
    Flint, Michigan during a recent speech he gave to promote a jobs bill....
    "In 2008, when Flint had 265 sworn officers on their
    police force, there were 35 murders and 91 rapes in this city. In 2010,
    when Flint had only 144 police officers, the murder rate climbed to 65
    and rapes--just to pick two categories--climbed to 229. In 2011, you now
    only have 125 shields. God only knows what the numbers will be this
    year for Flint if we don't rectify it."
    But don't look down on Flint - these kinds of conditions are coming to where you live soon enough.

    #6 West Philly

    Did you know that 36.4% of all children that live in Philadelphia are living in poverty?

    There are some sections of Philadelphia that are actually very nice,
    but there are others that look like society has forgotten about them for
    A recent article by Jim Quinn entitled "More Than 30 Blocks Of Grey And Decay"
    described the depressing conditions in West Philadelphia. Quinn refers
    to his drive through this area as "the 30 Blocks of Squalor"....
    The real unemployment rate exceeds 50%, murder is the number one industry, with drugs a close second.

    But it was not always this way. Once upon a time, West Philly was
    actually a thriving area and was full of middle class families.
    So what happened?

    That is a very good question.

    According to Quinn, the physical decay in West Philly is matched by the social decay....

    The once proud homes are in shambles. Bags of garbage
    dot the landscape. Most of the people who live here are parasites on
    society. Personal responsibility, work ethic, education and marriage are
    unknown concepts in this community. Even though more than 50% of the
    students in West Philly drop out of high school and the SAT scores of
    West Philly High students are lower than whale ****, the bankrupt school
    district spent $70 million to build a new high school/prison to babysit
    derelicts and future prison inmates. The windows do not have steel bars
    yet, as the architect was smart to put all windows at least eight feet
    above street level.
    These days there is a lot of despair in "the city of brotherly
    love". It is so sad to see what is happening to what once was such a
    proud city.
    #7 Cleveland, Ohio

    Cleveland has always had a love/hate relationship with itself. Many
    who live there call it "the mistake by the lake", but the truth is that
    it was once a truly great city.
    Sadly, today it is symbol of what has gone wrong with America.

    There has been a steady stream of businesses that have left Cleveland and today 52.6% of all children that live in Cleveland are living in poverty.

    There are not enough good jobs in Cleveland anymore, and so there are
    not enough workers to buy the tens of thousands of homes that have been
    foreclosed or abandoned.
    So what is being done with all of those empty homes?

    Unfortunately, they are being torn down.

    The following comes from a recent CBS News report by Scott Pelley....

    Across America, recession-fueled foreclosures and
    plummeting home values have left countless properties abandoned and
    vulnerable to looting. As Scott Pelley reports, the problem has gotten
    so bad in Cleveland, Ohio, that county officials have demolished more
    than 1,000 homes this year - and plan to demolish 20,000 more - rather
    than let the blight spread and render nearby homes worthless.
    Does that seem right to you?

    Should Cleveland be destroying tens of thousands of homes that families could be using?

    Something has gone very, very wrong in this country.

    #8 Camden, New Jersey

    If you want to see what a hellhole looks like just visit Camden, New Jersey.

    Although you will probably want to take an armed escort with you.

    As industry has abandoned Camden, the gangs have basically taken over. The "growth industries" in Camden these days are drug dealing and prostitution.

    In an article entitled "City of Ruins", reporter Chris Hedges described what life is like in Camden at this point....

    There are perhaps a hundred open-air drug markets,
    most run by gangs like the Bloods, the Latin Kings, Los Nietos and
    MS-13. Knots of young men in black leather jackets and baggy sweatshirts
    sell weed and crack to clients, many of whom drive in from the suburbs.
    The drug trade is one of the city's few thriving businesses. A weapon,
    police say, is never more than a few feet away, usually stashed behind a
    trash can, in the grass or on a porch.
    Not that other cities in New Jersey are shining examples for the rest of the world either.

    For example, if you want to get really depressed just drive through the bad parts of Newark some time.


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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    9 St. Louis, Missouri

    According to U.S. News and World Report, the most dangerous city in the United States is St. Louis.

    If you have a death wish, just wander around the streets of East St. Louis at night.

    There is a decent chance that someone will shoot you.

    Things were not always this way in St. Louis. But today things have
    gotten so bad that you can find packs of wild dogs roaming the city
    digging through trash and threatening children.
    The following is from a report by the local CBS affiliate in St. Louis....

    ...Lewis Reed is sounding the alarm. "I’ve witnessed
    packs of dogs, 10 and 15 dogs running together, and I’ve seen all these
    dogs I’m talking about they don’t have collars, they don’t have tags,
    these are truly wild dogs," he said.
    Reed says stray dogs are terrorizing the north side. "It’s
    obscene that parents have to walk their kids to school, in some parts of
    the city, with a golf club to fend off wild dogs."
    This kind of thing is actually happening in America?

    #10 New Orleans, Louisiana

    The problems that New Orleans has experienced have been well documented.

    But unlike most of the cities listed above, at least New Orleans has an excuse. New Orleans permanently lost 29% of its population after Hurricane Katrina, and large sections of the city were essentially destroyed by that storm.

    Even today, there are still some areas of New Orleans that look as if they have just been bombed.

    It has been estimated that about 20 percent of the homes in New
    Orleans are still standing vacant, and poverty is rampant. New Orleans
    will probably never fully recover to the level it was at before
    Hurricane Katrina hit.
    #11 Oakland, California

    Oakland has always been in the shadow of San Francisco, and the contrast between the two cities continues to grow.

    Oakland has always been considered one of the more dangerous cities
    in America, and this year crime rates in Oakland are rising rapidly.
    The following is from a recent article in the New York Times....
    At the beginning of April, murders in Oakland were up
    26 percent over a year ago, rapes were up 41 percent, and robberies
    were up 35 percent.
    When Chief Batts arrived as a “change agent” in 2009, the police
    department employed 837 officers. It now has 635. The department no
    longer responds to burglaries that are not still in progress, and
    frequently does not respond to other calls for help.
    So if your house has been robbed and the burglars are gone what are you supposed to do?

    Due to a crippling lack of resources, the previous police chief
    decided that his department would no longer be able to respond to all
    The following is a partial list of the crimes that police in Oakland are no longer likely to respond to....

    grand theft
    grand theft: dog
    identity theft
    false information to peace officer
    required to register as sex or arson offender
    dump waste or offensive matter
    loud music
    possess forged notes
    pass fictitious check
    obtain money by false voucher
    fraudulent use of access cards
    stolen license plate
    embezzlement by an employee
    attempted extortion
    false personification of other
    injure telephone/power line
    interfere with power line
    unauthorized cable tv connection

    So what do you do if you are a victim of one of those crimes in Oakland?

    That is a very good question.

    #12 Baltimore, Maryland

    If you can believe it, Baltimore was actually once a great city.

    But today it has become a crime-ridden, drug-infested hellhole.

    I used to drive up to Baltimore all the time. It truly is a "blue
    collar" city. There are a lot of really hard working people there.
    Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough jobs for everyone and a lot of people have turned to drugs and crime.

    There are some areas of Baltimore that you really should never enter
    by yourself. If you do go into them, you might not make it back out.
    There was one incident in Baltimore earlier this year that was particularly disturbing.

    One poor young man had gotten drunk and was apparently wandering
    around all by himself. Some thugs approached him and they clearly
    sensed that he was vulnerable. So they knocked him to the ground,
    stripped him of his car keys, his watch, his money, his cell phone and
    his clothes.
    A crowd gathered around to watch, and instead of helping the man,
    several of them got out their cell phones and laughed hysterically while
    they recorded the incident with their cell phone cameras for YouTube.
    What made all of this even sadder is that this happened right in front of a Baltimore courthouse.

    What in the world has happened to this nation?

    All of us that still love this country should be deeply saddened by everything above.

    America is rotting from the inside out, and if we are ever going to
    find any solutions we need to start admitting how bad things have really
    The truth is that our problems are not limited to one political
    party, one special interest group or to one region of the country. The
    social decay that is plaguing America can literally be found everywhere.
    For much more on this, please see the following four articles....

    1) "25 Signs The Collapse Of America Is Speeding Up As Society Rots From The Inside Out"

    2) "70 Reasons To Mourn For America"

    3) "20 Signs That Society Is Breaking Down And That America Has Been Overrun By Psychos"

    4) "12 Factors That Are Turning The Streets Of America Into A Living Hell"

    So don't laugh at Detroit or Cleveland or St. Louis.

    The rest of the country is declining too.

    If the city where you live is not a hellhole already, it will be soon enough."

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    I still say we should categorize domestic gangs as terrorist organisations and commit as much time and resources toward them as we do Al Qaeda and other such groups. Lets at least clean up our own neighborhoods before we police the world.

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    What these areas need is a BOPE type police force which is ready to take the criminals on house by house.

    Then after such an operation, normal police patrol duties may start to make some headway.

    Brazil Police Invade Rio's Biggest Slum to Drive Out Drug Gangs | Fox News
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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    Quote Originally Posted by Baralis View Post
    I still say we should categorize domestic gangs as terrorist organisations and commit as much time and resources toward them as we do Al Qaeda and other such groups. Lets at least clean up our own neighborhoods before we police the world.

    Yup, having American police and military forces treat American Citizens the same way we treat foreign terrorists, en-mass and on our own soil, is a marvelous idea. But why stop there? The government won't, once that Pandora's box is open...


    Fiddling While Rome Burns
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    "I used to roll the dice; see the fear in my enemies' eyes... listen as the crowd would sing, 'now the old king is dead, Long Live the King.'.."

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    Re: Police Union Says War-Like Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    I see gangs as a bigger danger than militia groups, but the left has no interest in supporting anything other than hugging minorities and telling them everything will be alright.

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