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Think you missed part of the OP...or didn't read it?

There was apparently no distinction beyond that of "chruch buildings". Its prolly safe to assume that he wanted them all gone.

You should read the article linked in the OP also. ....

""That's crazy,” said Gayle Edmondson. “It seems like he would want to blow up every church in town.""
Also from the same article:

" I don't understand why someone would be that upset with Christians"

"Satan's a getting a much greater hold on this world than he ever had before"

"For someone to find that and know about it that was just god's protection for our churches here"

"I believe there is a base of Christians here in the United States and there(sic) prayer is keeping back the hand of terrorist plots"

Now, all those quotes from the article suggest it was solely Christian churches that were targeted. Admittedly, in Miami OK that's probably all there are but I doubt the Scientology churches across the nation were on his hit list.