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The fact of business activity shrinking would be a normal result of a country sinking into permanent 3rd world tribalism without a common language or culture.

Who could be silly enough to think that there would ever be jobs for 80 million uneducated, poverty stricken Mexicans and blacks, all with huge families and countless pregnant babies with more babies on the way? Most don't have the ability to even learn English, let alone read and write.

What jobs could they ever do? The fact is they were not imported to work and contribute. The liberals imported them to destroy, to be government focused dependents, just like the liberals have done to the blacks.
I believe the blacks were indeed imported to work, originally that is.
and the illegals from Mexico? Growers insist we can't bring the crops in without them. Oh, and it wasn't "liberals" who passed amnesty and created a flood of illegals.

The highest unemployment rate appears to be among recent college grads, not among immigrants, legal or not.