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Thread: Al Qaeda Suspects Among Dozens Of Escapees In Deadly Iraq Prison Break

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    Al Qaeda Suspects Among Dozens Of Escapees In Deadly Iraq Prison Break

    Prisoners seized weapons and set off hours-long clashes with security guards at a prison in Saddam Hussein's hometown that left 12 dead, including 10 guards, before dozens of inmates managed to escape from the facility, Iraqi officials said Friday.

    Many of those who escaped from the prison in Tikrit, 130 kilometers (80 miles) north of Baghdad, were al Qaeda suspects, said a provincial spokesman but he could not say whether the terror group was behind the prison break.

    The violence erupted on Thursday night, said Mohammed al-Assi, the spokesman for Salahuddin province where Tikrit is located. Several inmates broke into the prison storeroom and grabbed weapons kept there, overpowering the guards, he said.

    The prisoners then engaged in an hours-long gun battle with the security troops inside the facility before breaking out of the prison on Friday morning. Security troops later regained control of the prison, al-Assi said.
    Al Qaeda suspects among dozens of escapees in deadly Iraq prison break - CBS News

    the entire middle east is coming apart

    it's not an abstraction on tv, it's very real and dangerous

    obama doesn't know what he's doing, he's unilaterally overturned decades of state dept policy and attempted to replace it with some cockamamie nonsense about leading from behind and reaching out to the likes of holocaust deniers in iran

    mr qumu was released from gitmo in 07, mr qumu is the lead suspect behind the terrorist attack in benghazi

    Al Qaeda, ex-Gitmo detainee involved in consulate attack, intelligence sources say | Fox News

    the nyt in april, 2011, reported that because he was actively taking up arms vs ghadafi, ie, leading from the front, mr qumu became to obama "an ally of sorts, a remarkable turnabout resulting from shifting american policies rather than any obvious change in mr qumu"

    so obama, on sept 21, announces he's gonna release 1/3 from the jail in cuba 50 democratic senators refused to let him close

    he thinks these burners of flags and chanters of death to america will come to like him?

    his head is buried, his foreign policy is ostrich

    he denies terrorism, he blames a video he advised the ladies on the view should best be ignored

    Obama: Marginalize Anti-Islam Video By Ignoring It - YouTube

    then he goes to the un where he makes 8 separate mentions of the marginal

    today his director of national intelligence comes out and confesses it was he, his nsa, and not the white house that was so wrong for so long

    Intelligence office says it got Libya attack wrong, not White House | McClatchy

    a distinction with demonstrably no difference

    how dumb does obama think voters are?

    he avoids world leaders from that part of the world at a time when leadership is most needed

    he goes to vegas and beyonce's instead

    he missed half his briefings in the crucial leadup, now he attends em all (he says)

    maybe that's why he missed all the warnings

    US was warned of Libya embassy attack but did nothing - Independent

    Intel agencies warned U.S. Embassy in Egypt of possible violence | Reuters

    first things first

    especially on 9-11

    Obama Arrives in Las Vegas - Las Vegas Sun News

    no wonder all 19 republicans and democrats on john kerry's foreign affairs demand answers

    Congressional pressure grows for Obama on Libya consulate attack - The Hill

    last sunday's nyt reported that american intelligence, the cia namely, suffered a "catastrophic intelligence loss" in the aftermath of benghazi, we have no presence in libya, our "eyes have been poked out"

    today the times says the fbi can't get in, we can't investigate what happened, the city is too dangerous

    the state dept left ambassador stevens' diary on the floor of the bombed out consulate for cnn to pick up days later, leading to hillary's "long time aide and personal spokesman" philippe reines cussing out rolling stones and buzzfeed reporter michael hastings

    Exclusive: Amb. Chris Stevens worried about al Qaeda hit list – Anderson Cooper 360 - CNN

    Clinton: No sign that Stevens believed he was on an al Qaeda hit list - CNN

    CNN finds journal belonging to late U.S. ambassador -

    State Dept: CNN's Use Of Christopher Stevens' Journal Is 'Disgusting'****-off.html

    on 60 minutes, obama calls all the protests and anti american hate sweeping the entire mideast "bumps in the road," refers to legitimate concerns about a nuclear iran as "noise"

    in november of 07 there was so much hope and change

    Obama Flashback: The Day I'm Inaugurated The World Will Look At Us Differently

    they look at us differently, alright

    the more you apologize, the more you go on about that video, the more egyptians, et al, feel aggrieved

    and now dozens of aq associates have been broken out of a prison in north iraq

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    Re: Al Qaeda Suspects Among Dozens Of Escapees In Deadly Iraq Prison Break

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