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Thread: City Closes Clinic At Garbage Truck Garage

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    City Closes Clinic At Garbage Truck Garage

    in between mccarthy-izing chick fil'a sandwiches and inviting calypso louis farakhan, jew hater, to help fight the tsunami of youth on youth violence that promoted arne duncan from ceo of cps to president punt's cabinet, rahm the ram emanuel found the time to institute his much anticipated carrot-and-stick wellness program

    which, if you're working for his city, you better use

    or you're gonna have to pay

    Emanuel to city workers: Use 'wellness plan' or pay more for insurance - Chicago Tribune

    this morning we learn:

    City officials have decided to shut down a temporary clinic that had been set up in a garbage truck garage to provide wellness screenings for Streets and Sanitation Department workers.

    WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller first reported that workers were complaining about unsanitary conditions at the clinic that had been set up inside the garage at Ferdinand Street and Tripp Avenue.

    Streets and Sanitation employee Marty Zamora had said, when he and his co-workers arrived at the garage this week to find a temporary clinic had been set up, they “thought it was something unreal. I mean, are we seeing this?”

    Zamora said he was shocked to see blood being drawn for cholesterol and triglyceride tests inside a garage that “reeked of garbage and decay.”
    UPDATED: City Closes Clinic At Garbage Truck Garage CBS Chicago

    insulting stupidity and we-know-best attitude do not a pretty pair make

    exactly what does it take, chicago?

    how low can you go?

    obama at a big shoulders fundraiser, aug 13:

    Obama: ‘Chicago Is an Example of What Makes This Country Great’
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