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So you are denying the great glee many republicans have when reporting bad economic numbers this year? No one said they want Obama's policies to fail? That is the kind of thing he is talking about.
It is the kind of thing I am talking about. When Republicans point out bad numbers it is not because we are happy people are suffering, but because we want to emphasize them again and again and again in order to drive home the point that we desperately need a change in economic policy. We hammer home the economic problems that we are in because we want to change them, not sit around and glory in them. If you want people glorifying our economic bad news, go talk to the ones who seem dead-set on claiming that All Is Well. And when Rush said he wanted Obama to fail he was explicitly talking about failing in his attempts to achieve his policy goals; which is what both you and I have (seemingly) agreed is a legitimate stance for those who disagree on the efficacy of those policies.

which is all I was really saying - that his implicit claim of moral superiority was in fact an unrecognized admission of moral equality.