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Thread: ICE Chief Of Staff Resigns Amid Misconduct Claims

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    Re: ICE Chief Of Staff Resigns Amid Misconduct Claims

    Quote Originally Posted by Another Lurker View Post
    Seems like several of the Kenyan's staff are taking a beating. Is this a sign of things to come?

    A L
    Could be. After the Republicans took Congress in 1995, there were some very enlightening Congressional hearings on the misbehavior of the ATF and FBI that the Dems had been covering up. That could happen again, and there are certainly more departments and areas that need exposure.
    "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress & the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
    - Abraham Lincoln

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    Re: ICE Chief Of Staff Resigns Amid Misconduct Claims

    Quote Originally Posted by The Prof View Post
    ICE chief of staff resigns amid misconduct claims - Byron Tau -

    it's actually quite a bit worse

    the lawsuit alleges that what's really going on at napolitano's dhs is the takeover of the agency by a lesbian cabal which routinely engages in male bashing and intimidation, promotes only the like minded and punishes the mostly men who refuse to go along

    in one of the more upsetting accusations, three male employees whose positions were moved found one day all their office and personal effects cleared out and moved into separate stalls in the men's restroom, each engraved with their individualized nameplates

    more serious is mr hayes' allegation that he was removed from his position in favor of completely unqualified dora schriro, unmarried ms napolitano's longtime associate

    can you just imagine the media reaction if this were a sexual harassment scandal involving a republican administration

    another very ugly story went down some months ago in the state of north carolina which is hosting barack hussein's national convention this week

    Sexual harassment scandal creates challenges for Democrats in North Carolina party -

    it appears that a young staffer there claims he was sexually harassed by one jay parmley, executive director of the ncdp, north carolina democratic party

    the staffer was paid hush money by the party but he squawked anyway and mr parmley was forced to go

    but still there is david parker, chair of the state party which moved the money to the aggrieved staffer

    the party, governor bev perdue (who has announced she will not run for reelection) and the white house all tried to pressure mr parker out, and he almost resigned, but at the last hour parker dug in his heels

    NC Democratic party chairman resigns but gets vote to stay ::

    finally we subsequently learned that a former girlfriend of parmley, the accused abuser, claims she was infected with hiv by the ex executive director of the ncdp

    Ex-Girlfriend Of Former North Carolina Dem Official Claims He Gave Her HIV CBS Charlotte

    if this were a republican disgrace instead of a donkey's dilemna, you would not be hearing about it for the first time on dp forums, civility a must

    party on, progressives

    enjoy your abortion palooza this week in charlotte

    bring condoms
    So the Democrats have a lesbian cabal in an executive cabinet that moved the effects of 3 male agents into a restroom.

    While Republicans have 30 Senators who voted against an amendment to a bill that would deny defense contracts to companies that ask employees to sign away the right to sue so that victims of rape and sexual assault wouldn't be forced to resolve the matter by private arbitration which inherently favors corporations.

    Yeah, there's absolutely a parity of misogyny and misandry going on here.
    Also, we need to legalize recreational drugs and prostitution.

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