The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits was unchanged last week, pointing to a labor market that is still treading water.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits were a seasonally adjusted 374,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday. The prior week's figure was revised up to show 2,000 more application than previously reported.
Jobless Claims Hold Flat; Spending Outpaces Income Gain - US Business News - CNBC

next friday the monthly jobs report comes out

if it shows another paltry gain, the new normal under obama, with more americans dropping out of the work force than actually gaining employment, obama will take yet another major hit against his diminishing chances of getting reelected

consumer confidence this week, we learned, is at a new 2012 low

manufacturing is down, gas and corn prices up

you probably don't know the singular and dramatic effect corn prices have on inflation in general, but that won't stop you from kneejerking your preconceived notions, half formed, for all your linked in neighbors to go scrolling past---because no one but your mom is really interested in your particular, narcissistic musings

gdp is 1.7 on the quarter

more americans are going on disability these days than actually getting jobs, yet another reason our states are so deeply and desperately underwater

the middle class is declining, poverty roles are swelling to record highs, middle class incomes (especially for youths and mature americans nearing retirement) have declined faster AFTER the "recovery" began than they did during the darkest days of negative gdp, ie, the recession

housing is still plagued by the millions of foreclosures banks are strategically sitting on, what's known as the shadow market, several years worth of inventory which, until it's moved, prevents real estate from finding its bottom

good luck running on all that, president barack obtuse obama, no wonder your need for distraction, distortion and character assassination

while republicans are rallying the nation around jobs, the economy and accepting real leadership against the third rails of fiscal catastrophe, obama has devoted his charlotte convention to extremely divisive social issues

enjoy your abortion palooza

romney/ryan run against obama, obama focuses on todd akin

but raising the life issue only exposes obama as the abortion extremist, leading advocate of partial birth and opponent of live birth legislation

the more the sandra flukes and narals and planned parenthoods, et al, talk next week, the more they will resemble---to mature minded and sober americans looking for solutions in these trying times---occupy wall street

it's who these people really are, and they have been inspired and unleashed by their dim witted leader

it's gonna be a hoot, tune in

the mainstream liberal reaction to the republican convention says it all---if you don't agree with obama's euro-phile views about economics, then you are clearly a racist and misogynist

exactly what mom and pop america and their grown kids living in their basement want to hear

party on, progressives, seeya at the polls