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Thread: Two US Troops Killed By Rogue Afghan Soldier

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    Two US Troops Killed By Rogue Afghan Soldier

    A rogue Afghan soldier shot dead two U.S. troops in east Afghanistan on Monday, the NATO-led coalition said, the latest in a series of insider killings that have strained trust between the allies ahead of a 2014 pullout by foreign combat troops.
    The deaths in Laghman province brought to 12 the number of foreign soldiers killed this month, prompting NATO to increase security against insider attacks, including requiring soldiers to carry loaded weapons at all times on base.

    just this month alone 12 of our soldiers have been assassinated by afghani soldiers and policemen who are supposed to be our allies

    the phenomenon is called "green on blue," it's the action of our "allies" whom we have trained and equipped turning their us supplied guns on our soldiers

    it's been a growing issue over there, and lately it is exploding---in the number of incidents, in the incidence of deaths, in the attention it is receiving from our military leaders in washington, at nato and in the field

    and most pointedly, it is breaking down all trust between our soldiers who are our heroes and the forces over there that our commander in chief and joint chiefs are depending upon in the process of afghanization, turning over to the locals the defense of their own affairs

    42 nato troops, almost all americans, have been murdered this year by native afghani army and police in 33 separate shootings

    military leadership til now has tried to downplay this upsetting turn---as a matter of fact, until today american and nato soldiers at isaf kabul have been instructed to empty their guns in an attempt to foster trust between our men and women and the natives we have been trying to help over there

    now, our joint chiefs are forced to face it---chairman martin dempsey was in kabul just last week to address this issue

    but last friday two americans were killed in farah province out west by an afghani policeman they had just given a gun

    two more were wounded by a local soldier in kandahar---also friday

    one of the events this spring that most upset our troops saw the assassination of an american in kabul who was playing volleyball at the time

    today nato ordered a complete reversal of policy---our soldiers are now required to carry loaded arms with them at all times

    just a couple months ago they were directed not to show apprehension when they were walking, unarmed, in front of local soldiers, too many of whom have proved disloyal

    the resentment at the troop level is palpable

    last monday, abc white house correspondent jake tapper, at obama's first press conference since june 8 (the day the president said the private sector was doing fine), directed one of the only five questions taken by obama in the brady briefing room towards this issue of green vs blue violence

    obama that morning promised to "protect our troops" from our allies

    With insider attacks on the rise, Obama promises to do more to protect troops in Afghanistan

    our clueless commander in chief said he'd discuss the matter with crazy karzai

    like it or not, afghanistan is obama's war

    in 08 he campaigned on this "right war," in december of 09 he surged

    Obama sends 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan - World - CBC News

    when is the last time you heard the president talking about the war?

    how can he afghanize the effort when the locals there are so unreliable?

    where's the leadership from a commander in chief in a war he escalated and which, it appears, we are losing?

    are you sure he knows what he's doing?

    pray for our troops and the people of afghanistan

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    Re: Two US Troops Killed By Rogue Afghan Soldier

    this afternoon, bloomberg: Insider Attacks Don't Threaten U.S. Strategy, Allen Says - Businessweek

    asked what's the source of this sudden scary and destabilizing rise in green vs blue incidence, allen answers---personal grievances, stress and daily pressure

    the assassinations are NOT taliban directed, insists obama's top field commander

    denial, anyone?



    how about mere competence?

    what exactly are our troops doing over there?

    exactly what is the mission, what possible exit strategy?

    it looks like, once more, we'll all have to wait til after the election to find out

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