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And when someone with mental issues sees a flurry of publicity over someone else with mental issues who took a gun and started shooting people, person with mental issues #1 tends to want the same attention given to person with mental issues #2.
Not sure that this is true. Maybe sometimes there are copycats.

Meanwhile, in an update, it turns out that one civilian did fire 5-6 rounds from a small-caliber weapon. His name hasn't been released, but the was the male companion of the woman who was shot in her car. He also made the first 911 call, and it appears that his shots drove the shooter back into the home.

Here is a list of the shooter's guns:

Dragunov 7.62x54 semi-automatic sniper rifle
SA vz. 58 7.62 mm assault rifle
40-caliber Glock Model 35 pistol
Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle

College Station Police Release Timeline of Monday's Shooting