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here is the conversation

Socialism, Capitalism, Corporatism... all of them just fine, nothing really to judge between them. Communism only fails because for some reason it's always taken over by dictators (odd, that). It's just that they so happen to be run by bad guys, so that's why socialism fails.

The Government, you see, despite being about a third of GDP, doesn't impact the rest of the economy, no sir, not really. That's why it's not really Obama's fault that this "recovery" never really happened.
Like I thought, you went out of context. Missed words like some. We were largely speaking about our government, and that while Korea had more control, even they had things outside their control. You largely miss much of what is said, either becasue of a lack of understanding or in trying to be dishonest.

Also notice this: (not that is what we're discussing, more a diversion on your part)

Also, lets read the entire response and not your odd cut of it:

Yes, in the terms you're presenting them.In context, it is the difference between capitalism and, say, socialism, (not that is what we're discussing, more a diversion on your part), but between how each is doing it. Any brutal dictator is likely make things worse. However, that says nothing about any economic theory.

And yes, government spending could put money in the hands of people who would spend it, helping to create need, which would inspire some to meet that need, and help the economy in the short run. There are others who would support that thinking. And yes, you could provide some who don't. But the complaint by some against what government has done is that it hasn't done enough, put enough money out there. Doing somehting half as is usually ineffective.

But, that isn't something that fundamentally changes the economy. Other factors have to come from other places. Without that, even this would fail. That's why leaders always cross their fingers and pray whenever they do something. They need help.
You'll notice I make no claim about either North nor South Korea.

CP, you can should be better than this.