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Thread: Top Pa. elections official admits not knowing voter ID law

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    Top Pa. elections official admits not knowing voter ID law

    First we had the PA House Republican leader proudly stating, “Voter ID … is going to allow Gov. [Mitt] Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”, now we can read about the state official in charge of administering the law admitting she "knows nothing"

    Top Pa. elections official admits not knowing voter ID law

    HARRISBURG -- The top Pennsylvania elections official conceded a lack of familiarity with the new voter ID law on Tuesday as she was questioned by attorneys challenging the requirement. When attorney David Gersch pressed for the particulars of one form of identification acceptable for voting, she responded: "I don't know what the law says."

    Opponents of the voter ID law argue it would disenfranchise eligible voters who lack an acceptable form of identification and, in some cases, the documents required to get one. While Ms. Aichele agreed on Tuesday some registered voters do not have identification through the Department of Transportation, she stood by an analysis suggesting about 99 percent of adults have photo identification.

    After defending the 99-percent analysis, Ms. Aichele was pressed further about the number of registered voters without photo identification. She responded: "We don't know."
    Using the state's own numbers, more than 758,000 registered voters do not have Pennsylvania DOT photo IDs. In Philadelphia alone, the number is 186,830 registered voters - 18 percent of the city's total registration.

    As in every other instance of these recently introduced photo ID laws, it is the demographics most commonly associated with voting Democratic that will be most adversely affected.
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    Re: Top Pa. elections official admits not knowing voter ID law

    Other forms of ID are acceptable, and getting one is not hard. Of course, it will be up to the courts to rule whether this is a permissible ID law or not. Some of them have been upheld, some struck down.

    BTW, the methodology is faulty. Voter rolls are typically full of people who don't exist, are dead, or have moved.

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