or the alternate title would be: Money talks and bull**** walks. Seems the Saudis are putting in the vote in favor of Mursi. Another chess piece moves on the board...

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New Egyptian president arrives in Saudi Arabia on first foreign trip[/url]]
Egypt’s new president, Mohammed Mursi, arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for his first foreign trip since taking office and met with King Abdullah, the official SPA news agency said.

Mursi was met on his arrival in Jeddah by Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, crown prince, deputy prime minister and defense minister.

No details were given on the subject of the talks between Mursi and King Abdullah, but they had been expected to focus on the relations between the oil-rich Gulf kingdom, and economically struggling Egypt.


“There are many signs that the Egyptians are prioritizing their relations with the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia, over their relations with Iran,” he noted, adding that Iran was in need of “assistance and cannot offer anything” to Egypt right now.

“Egypt is now focusing on alliances with Turkey and Saudi, both Sunni Muslim countries with significant economic potential,” said Khashoggi.

Anwar Eshki, president of the Saudi-based Middle East Centre for Strategic and Legal Studies, said the Brotherhood’s ties with Iran were “their own business ... But they shouldn’t tolerate any interference by Iran in Egypt.”

Despite the turbulent relationship, the Muslim Brotherhood “recognize that the kingdom stood by them when they were on bad terms with (former Egyptian president Gamal) Abdul Nasser,” Eshki added.

In an interview with the Saudi daily Okaz on Tuesday, Mursi was unequivocal in his attitude towards Egypt’s traditional ally.

“We in Egypt cannot forget that Saudi Arabia has always stood by the Arabs,” he said, adding that “Gulf security is a red line” that must not be crossed.

“Stability in Egypt is important for Saudi Arabia,” said analyst Abdul Aziz Al Sagr, head of the Gulf Research Centre, while noting that the kingdom is the main source of economic aid for impoverished Egypt.

Riyadh has deposited $1 billion into the Egyptian Central Bank as a loan guarantee, and Cairo, which is battling a severe economic crisis. Egypt received a $1 billion pledge of assistance from the Saudi-based Islamic Development Bank earlier this month. Saudi Arabia has also allocated $250 million for natural gas exports to Egypt.