The Syrian National Council, the country's main political opposition group, says it will appoint a new leader in the upcoming days.
The statement came after Burhan Ghalioun, the SNC's president who was accused of monopolising power, offered to resign and called for fresh elections in a bid to help avert divisions within the bloc.

The group has been accused by Syrian activists of being ineffective and failing to sufficiently support the struggle of the Free Syrian Army, an armed opposition group mainly composed of defected soldiers, against government forces.

Laurence Lee looks at whether a new chief might restore some of the SNC's legitimacy.

Video @: Syrian opposition party to declare new leader - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

It seems that various sects have taken hold and have strained the Free Syrian Armies leadership and to get a huge mobilization. I just hope that this Army and organization picks a strong democratically promise leader, that does not let religion overcome the movement. In my opinion the only hope for Syria is violent resistance by this organization.