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Thread: Officials: Stolen guns, equipment sold on auction sites

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    Officials: Stolen guns, equipment sold on auction sites

    This headline isn't as clear as the one found at TPMmuckraker but it is the one in the local paper

    Officials: Stolen guns, equipment sold on auction sites

    Camp Lejeune Marines used websites like eBay, Craigslist and Lejeune Yard Sales to sell more than $2 million in stolen combat equipment to the highest bidder, including those in China, Naval investigators said Monday.

    Altogether, more than 60 people have been implicated in a two-year undercover operation by agents with Naval Criminal Investigative Service to staunch the flow of stolen guns and gear aboard Lejeune and other military installations, said Ed Buice, public affairs officer for NCIS in Quantico, Va.
    No matter how much we may honour our veterans for their sacrifice in defending America, often giving their lives for this nation - any time that we find that some of those military see their time in the military as simply a way of making money - it harms all of those others who have served in an honourable manner.

    Oh yeah, that TPM headline: Service Members Sold Millions In Stolen Gear Online

    According to Daily News, the investigation is now also taking a look at Army and Navy personnel.
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    Re: Officials: Stolen guns, equipment sold on auction sites

    LOL - oh heavens. And the military had no clue until NCIS let them know and it took 2 years to investigate.

    Geesh - talk about not paying attention.
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