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1. Alaska: 10.1%
2. Wyoming: 18.1%
3. Oklahoma: 19.8%
4. Louisiana: 21.1%
5. New Mexico: 22.4%
6. Nevada: 22.8%
7. West Virginia: 24.1%
8. Utah: 24.1%
9. Washington: 25.1%
10. Texas: 25.2%
11. Idaho: 26.5%
12. Arizona: 27.2%
13. Mississippi: 27.5%
14. Kentucky: 27.5%
15. Alabama: 27.6%

Source: The data cited appeared in the March 2012 edition of Postsecondary Education Opportunity.

It should be noted that the data I cited above in the rankings is from 2010, which does not match the cohort studied by Pew. However, data that goes back farther shows a lot of persistence. States with relatively high college participation rates for students from low-income families typically sustain those rates. The same holds true for those with relatively low college participation rates. Hence, the issue of college participation by students from low-income families is a chronic one and, therefore, the data may have some utility.
Only have a couple of minutes to respond - I'm not sure I see a strong correlation with the Pew Study, at least on the lower end.
-Only two of the "eight worst" identified by pew are in the lowest eight here
-Utah is one of the best on Pew, one of the worst here
-In general, the Pew study highlighted states in the deep south as the worst, whereas this list is largely made up of western states.
-Worth pointing out that the two lowest, Alaska and Wyoming, have very low poverty rates and very high median income compared to the rest of the country - for most kids in those states, college may not be the wisest route.