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Thread: Mother Shot Dead, Newborn Abducted...

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    Re: Mother Shot Dead, Newborn Abducted...

    Quote Originally Posted by DVSentinel View Post
    We won't know until the trial probably, there is not really a plea phase in Texas if they are going for the Death Penalty. In Texas, you cannot plead guilty to capital murder, there has to be a trial.
    Maybe so. But, I wasn't making an argument on the actual case. Merely bringing up hypothetical situation to make a point about differences in two completely different cases. If it makes you happy, just change it to "she told the officer it was a case of mistaken identity". Different situtation that has nothing to do with this case.

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    Re: Mother Shot Dead, Newborn Abducted...

    Quote Originally Posted by dolphinocean View Post
    How is it that there are still people out there who still don't get it despite numerous explanation about the difference which shouldn't be needed to be explained in the place.

    In this case, the woman was arrested immediately the next day and charged with capital criminal offense which would face the death penalty. I'm sure she would claim not guilty for whatever reason she could come up, such as mistaken identity by witnesses or surveillance camera.

    It's not like the DA had blocked the lead detective from filing charges in such a short period of time or that the police chief came out in her defense and said we could not prove her claim false (no finger print or DNA, etc) and thus had to let her walk free due to lack of probable cause.

    Now she wasn't let go after being in custody, was she? And she didn't just walk free for weeks in a row with no further legal action as in Zimmerman's case but is immediately arrested and charged so speedily where justice for the murdered victim is well served if not hastily, so why would you expect that there be any outrage from anybody?

    Let me add: This case has nothing to do with Zimmerman's. So, please don;t drag it on.
    Don't get in the way of Wake's race baiting.
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