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Thread: Troops owe IRS $390 million

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    Re: Troops owe IRS $390 million

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiseone View Post
    I still don't understand why this hasn't been done. Why is government pay taxed? The government pays its employees from taxes for god's sake so what we have is a system where the gov't taxes joe smith the civilian, uses his tax dollars to pay military service members and other government employees, then taxes the service member on the money they just paid them.

    Now I can understanding taxing Soldiers or other government employees for money earned that did not come from the government, for example if a Soldier has a civilian job like everyone in the Army reserves, then he pays taxes on the portion of his income that does not come from the government. But for Soldiers like myself who's only form of income is government pay, since I have no civilian job, I should be able to file a single form detailing my income as all government for that tax year and get a "check mark" as being good to go.
    Probably so they can fill out tax returns like every other American.
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    Re: Troops owe IRS $390 million

    It's the result of a slow and outdated system (military bureaucracy AND IRS combined):

    •Confusion over eligibility rules for a tax break on income earned while serving in combat zones.

    •Frequent moves that increase the odds that tax documents are mailed to an old address.

    •The risk of deployed troops missing deadlines for response to IRS queries.

    The IRS is required to notify military financial service offices when a servicemember is found to be delinquent on taxes. The military investigates the claim, and if it discovers that the servicemember is deployed or hospitalized because of a combat injury, it will seek a halt to IRS enforcement measures.
    Military should be the channel through which military members process taxes/forms/receive notifications because THEY call teh shots, relocate and deploy - that would solve many problems (however: it would create new ones - those new problems wouldn't be quite so damning, though)

    right now -as the article states - if you owe the IRS notifies *you* at your last known address - well obviously they shouldn't. Doesn't take a stroke of genius to realize that the military KNOWS where you do live - and can be more likely to keep in touch with you.

    Perhaps the real solution would be to have a branch of the IRS purely for military-purposes which bridges this communication gap.
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