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Thread: Family of Florida teen killed by neighborhood watch volunteer feel 'betrayed' (cont.)

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    Family of Florida teen killed by neighborhood watch volunteer feel 'betrayed' (cont.)

    Moderator said new thread could be started - and I felt the need to respond:

    Quote Originally Posted by OhIsee.Then View Post
    My comment is that I'm not subject to the CSI effect. It's reasonable, low cost and necessary that testing be done to determine the distance from which the shot was fired.
    Wether you are or not, you are subject to the claims of the attorney who is playing to the CSI effect to taint possible jurors into believing that police didn't do what was customary.

    Not from an autopsy, but rather from their clothing.
    Yes, they can. While the clothes would be ideal, they can still get an idea.
    Gunshot Wounds | Mahoney Criminal Defense Group
    Nope, didn't hear him. It was a comment on CNN or the radio by an investigative reporter very early on that said that Zimmerman was allowed to go home w/o a list of normal tests done after a shooting.
    The CNN analyst was wrong and probably got that info from the family's attorney. It is standard to order a drug test during an autopsy. Not so standard to order a drug test for the other individual. (see below)

    Nope. Because a field breathalyzer test costs tens of thousands of dollars, right?
    Nope. Because it just isn't typically done, except for places like CSI.

    "Except for DUIs, police cannot test suspects for drugs or alcohol, unless the accused demands or consents to it, or they get a warrant. Trayvon Martin was tested for drugs and alcohol because it is the normal procedure of autopsies to determine the exact cause of death or contributing factors of death," the Washington Times said. "The so-called law enforcement and legal experts who claim Zimmerman should have been tested demonstrate they have no expertise."
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