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Thread: Volt production on hold for 5 weeks

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    Re: Volt production on hold for 5 weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by KevinKohler View Post
    They warranty that battery pack for 100K miles, OR 8 years. Same as the drive train on most cars sold in the US, more or less. Difference being, a rechargeable battery slowly loses it's ability to hold a charge over time. Meaning, while not so important in a an all electric car, you're range gets lower for every year you own it, until you replace it.
    I've seen no complaints concerning this with the Prius.

    Diesels are only expensive to maintain if you have to pay someone else to work on it...not a lot of diesel shops around. But it's not much different from a gas motor, and again, they run forever. It's no big thing to have a diesel with will over 350K miles on that in a gas motor, and it's like Jesus Christ came back.
    I love diesels (I have one) but the maintenence costs run higher than a similiar gas vehicle.

    The reason why you have to use specific oil to retain the warranty on diesels, be it a BMW, VW, OR merc, is because....people are stupid. You take that car to the typical Jiffy Lube, they are gonna put in standard oil, the same they put in all other cars...never even noticing it's a diesel. And some shade tree mechanics who own them will do the same. Which will VERY QUICKLY result in huge build ups in the ports and valves...
    All the same, you have to do it.

    The Prius is only a good affordable car if you don't mind paying mid size sedan prices for an economy class car. It's fuel economy, upkeep, and everything else pales to many of the diesels currently running around in Europe.
    We can't get the diesels running around Europe. Peugeot now has a diesel/hybrid. Can we get it? No.

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    Re: Volt production on hold for 5 weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by barbarian_style View Post
    Just like anything else that is new off the production line. Take a look at computers, how much did they cost 20 years ago compared to now and look how much better they are. I think that you want to beat up something that is way to new to beat up on. If Chevrolet was making electric production cars 10 + years and you were pointing out this I could see this.

    I can see the point your trying to make but its just to early to hang it out to dry. You will need to see where it is in a decade or to of having production cars of this sort to actually have a case.
    Exactly. That's what some people aren't seeing. The Volt isn't about the Volt, it's about the research that will be (or won't be, if it's a total flop) driven by the Volt. This will have to happen at some point. If Chevy is willing to step up and try to beat the Japanese manufacturers into the fray, that's awesome.

    Yeah, the Volt isn't great, but compared to the first electric cars that were built starting in the 70's (not counting a couple of knock off disasters in the early 200th century), it's phenomenal, and it's just the second step into electric powered vehicles. Give it a few production generations and they'll be much, much better. Well, either that or we're all going to be screwed in a few decades.
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