Muslim Fundamentalist women can participate in some sports in the summer olympics

1) fencing-the athlete is covered head to toe

2) Rifle shooting-leather jackets, pants and a hat and gloves

3) Dressage-trousers, jackets, gloves and a helmet

4) archery-while most competitors wear shorts or tennis style skirts- you can compete in a track suit

I saw a Muslim woman playing the Chinese world champion in table tennis. The chinese player was wearing a short singlet and short shorts. The woman from Egypt was wearing what appeared to be a hood, a long fairly tight full length jersey and warm up pants. She was thrashed. A woman from Tunisia was in the sprint heats with Jamaican girls. The Jamaican girls were wearing what could best be described as jog bras and bikini bottoms or a one piece speed suit sort of like a sleeveless leotard. The Tunisian athlete was wearing what appeared to be a skiing bodysuit with a hood. It was 90 degrees. the Jamaican girls were gushing sweat. The Tunisian woman looked miserable