A woman employed as a teacher in Cabot has been arrested on charges that she had inappropriate contact with a boy student.

Cabot Police say Stacy Stracener was taken into custody today and charged with 11 counts of Sexual Assault in the First Degree and 2 counts of Sexual Assault, Second Degree.

Stracener's arrest comes after a report was filed on Wednesday about the alleged contact.

Stracener will have a first court appearance in Lonoke County Circuit Court tomorrow morning.
Cabot Teacher Accused of Sexually Assaulting Student

What the **** was she thinking! She has a son in our school - all her students look up to her - she was my son's teacher. My son is in absolute SHOCK - he simply cannot believe that she did that, he's disgusted and I'm worried about him and how this will affect his view of teachers and schooling in general. . . and how it will shake the faith that everyone has in our schools and our district. I fell terrible for her child - she didn't just wrong someone else's child - she's removed herself from her child completely.

Even if she's found innocent and this was all made up (a wretched thought that a child would make up SUCH a story) - her career is finished and her family will be shaken forever.

Don't people think these days? Isn't there ever a moment of pause before they do something that will negatively impact so many people and their lives? GAAAH! Damnit!

I never EVER thought I'd have to explain something like this to one of my kids about one of their teachers - EVER. He asked me 'why did she do that?' and I said "because she's a person and like a lot of other people she didn't think before she did something very wrong." That's just ****ing depressing that I had to have that conversation with my son.

And I feel god aweful for the victim - what a terrible terrible thing to have to deal with in life. And his parents - just god aweful.