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Though this has been studied since 2008, route changes and several other issues have forced new study before approval by the U.S.State dept. The Republicans tried to get the President to bypass federal law by pushing him to ignore State Dept. authority...basically they tried to play hard ball, and lost.
And they'll try it again. Even now House Republicans are trying include the KeystoneXL pipeline in a transportation bill. It's like the President is dealing with kids; how many times does he need to say "NO" before they get the hint?

Frankly, I wish he'd just explain to the American people what he real hang-ups are with the pipeline, i.e., safety, environmental impact, social issues such as imminent domain, oil ownership-rights (how much will the U.S. get to keep) and the real permanent jobs number estimates. I think once the people are faced with the truth, this pipleline project will either get revamped accordingly or scrapped altogether.