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It has everything to do with the 1st Amendment. Political candidates are private citizens. If they have the money to pay the going rate for a TV spot and the TV station agrees to run the ad, it would be un-constitutional for the government to make that illegal.

Yeah, I'm a Soros hater, but I'm not willing to flush the Constitution down the toilet, just to handicap my political opponents.
But this is where you whole case falls apart. No one is preventing them in voicing their first amendment rights... they can still voice their political opinions in many many many other forums without impunity, just not via the TV air waves. You also ban porn from the airwaves, and other things, what about their 1st amendment rights? Not to mention that TV companies refuse to air certain things because of religious or political bias.. what about the first amendment rights of the producers of said material? We can go on and on about your 1st amendment rights, but they are in reality curbed every day for the greater good of some sort (porn to children and so on), so why not this? It is not like people wont get their daily political dose on radio, newspapers or the internet...