Assad losing control as 10,000 soldiers desert Syrian military - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

More than 10,000 soldiers have deserted the Syrian army, sources say, with as many as half the conscripts not reporting in the last three call-ups.
According to Western intelligence agencies, even though the top brass is still loyal to President Bashar Assad, lower-level officers are deserting in large numbers, and in some cases, whole units have deserted en masse.

The army is considered the main factor safeguarding Assad's regime, after mass protests began in the south in March and spread throughout the country, inspired by the demonstrations elsewhere in the Arab world.
On Tuesday, at least 73 people were killed in Syria in clashes between the army and opposition, most of them in Homs in the west and Idlib in the northwest. The 73 dead added to the 100 who were killed on Monday, among them 14 soldiers ambushed by opposition forces, human rights groups said.
Is the next major regime change on it's way in the Middle East? What does this mean for the US? Personally, I would say it's about damn time. As a little kid I would always wonder why, in the movies, some people would continue on defending evil kings and emperors. I'm still amazed to this day the unflinching loyalty of soldiers in corrupt countries. Despite the negative implications of further political instability in the middle east, this increases my faith in humanity. No soldier likes killing his friends and family.