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Thread: GOP files lawsuit against GAB, Democrats announce new recall numbers

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    GOP files lawsuit against GAB, Democrats announce new recall numbers

    WAUKESHA- Governor Walker's campaign and the Republican Party filed a lawsuit in Waukesha at the same time Democrats were announcing their new recall numbers.

    Republicans are suing to force state elections officials to step up their game when reviewing recall signatures. They want the Government Accountability Board, or GAB, to at least visually look for phony or duplicate signatures.
    Do Republicans have a point with this lawsuit? Let's examine it.

    1) This is a process that has been in place for almost 30 years, and you will never guess who took advantage of this process without complaining about it? Governor Walker himself, who used to the recall process, along with it's rules, to become Milwaukee County Executive.

    2) But what of the process? Is it really unconstitutional, as the Republicans claim, including Walker, who used this very process himself?

    3) Here is how the process works - Signatures are gathered over a 60 day period. Once they are gathered, they are made available to the public, who can challenge signatures. Successful challenges result in signatures being thrown out.

    4) But Republicans want the Government Accountability Board to do the review of signatures. Here is why this should not be done - If the GAB has more, say, Democrats on it, they could throw out valid signatures collected by Republicans is a petition drive were to be against a Democrat. And, don't forget, Republicans did force recall elections against 3 Democrats earlier in the year. So, by putting the onus on the public to verify the signatures, the politicization of the GAB does not itself become an issue. What does that mean for Wisconsin Republicans? It means get off your fat asses, and do what you are supposed to do. Democracy does come with a price. YOU must do your part.

    5) What does that tell us? The GOP lawsuit against the political process is a frivolous one, that is going to be thrown out on it's ear. But Republicans have been very vocal in it's criticism of frivolous lawsuits, and wants those who bring them to pay a price. OK, I am cool with that. Fine the crap out of the GOP for bringing THIS frivolous lawsuit.

    6) But why bring a frivolous lawsuit in the first place? To delay the will of the people at all costs, and hang onto power, by hook or by crook, for as long as possible.

    7) OK, but the wheels of justice may move slow, but like a freight train, justice is on it's way to Wisconsin, and no amount of political hanky panky is going to derail it. See that little light in the tunnel? It's the train, coming straight for you. See 'ya on the sidelines, Governor Walker.

    Article is here.
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    Re: GOP files lawsuit against GAB, Democrats announce new recall numbers

    Sounds like the GOP is hoping that they can stall the recall until Walker gets tossed out at the end of his term. Have the governor recalled will encourage other states with significant buyers remorse (like Florida) to mount similar efforts. Personally, I feel the limited use of the recall process in the USA is one of the reasons our government doesn't represent the people - they don't have to to stay in office.

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