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Thread: Obama at Fort Bragg to troops: 'Welcome home!'

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    Re: Obama at Fort Bragg to troops: 'Welcome home!'

    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
    only 4,000 will remain in Kuwait. the VAST majority of troops that were in Iraq 3 years ago, are now home.

    the war is over.
    Damn straight. I'm starting to get more Ron Paul'ish. We can't afford to maintain troops in a country for 50 years after we are attacked by that country. We should go in, kill the dictator, establish a democracy and get out. If people don't want to establish a democracy then just bomb the existing government into the 8th century. Then leave.

    If we are attacked, unleash the full force of the USA. But either occupy it and call it a 51st state, (or in Obama's case, the 58th state) or level the existing gov't and then get out. This nation building crap has gotta go. Our own nation is falling apart while we spend money we're having to borrow to rebuild other nations who are hostile towards us.

    I supported Bush 1's first war which he left unfinished and I supported his son finishing the job. I supported the war in Afghanistan. But 10 years is enough. Either call it part of the USA or GTFO. (I shouldn't have to explain what that acronym means.)
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