Can anyone explain this to me? Is she scared? Is she trying to "out" the other ladies since her credibility is going into the toilet? Does she think doing this PR stunt with a bunch of ladies spewing heresy will decrease the scrutiny she is receiving? Is there some money angle here I am missing? Does she think having a panel of a woman will create some new drama? Does she think having the group together will give the accusers a chance to listen to the other women so that they can parrot each other? I can see it lady says "Herman tried to lick the back of my throat" ..... another lady says "yeah, he did that to me, I forgot to tell anyone that but I just remembered it like it was yesterday".

I don't get it.

Here is another thing I don't get. Herman Cain has been in the workforce, in powerful positions for decades. Why is it the only ladies claiming harassment are coming from the politically connected NRA?

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