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Thread: Online hackers threaten to expose cartel's secrets

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    Re: Online hackers threaten to expose cartel's secrets

    Quote Originally Posted by What if...? View Post
    I think their threat is to expose their secrets to the rival cartels.

    Letting them know where Zeta's kids and grandmas live, etc.

    As well as officials in their pockets.
    That makes sense then.

    The cartels are multi million dollar transnational corporations for all intents and purposes. They couldn't do it without computers, making them vulnerable.
    Then I have to wonder how easy would it be for the cartels to release the guy,follow him, track his online activities and catch everyone of the hackers.
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    Re: Online hackers threaten to expose cartel's secrets


    ĎAnonymousí threatens to identify Mexicans involved with drug cartels
    The hacker activist group “Anonymous” said this weekend that it may begin revealing the names and addresses of individuals who work for the Zetas drug cartel, in hopes that the Mexican government would step in and arrest them.

    Shortly after the release, announced in a video published in Spanish and English, some members of the group were claiming that “OpCartel” had been canceled because it was simply too dangerous. Others insisted the operation would continue, calling it a “war.”

    In the video, a masked actor explains that “Anonymous” embarked on the operation after one of their members was allegedly kidnapped by the Zetas.
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