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Thread: Obama's Jobs bill falls short

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    Re: Obama's Jobs bill falls short

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamT View Post
    Right, Obama *only* got about 95% of the Democratic votes.

    We are in a completely unsustainable situation. The administration can't get anything passed even with 100% support from Democrats, and Republicans oppose everything in knee-jerk fashion UNLESS voting no would literally wreck the economy in short order. Even then it's a tough sell. F*cking crazy.
    Pretty sure they'd vote no and wreck the economy anyway. Their first goal is making sure Obama doesn't get re-elected. Not governing. Not doing what's best for the country. Winning is their goal.
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    Re: Obama's Jobs bill falls short

    Quote Originally Posted by Paschendale View Post
    Yeah, the majority Democratic caucus of 53 couldn't get enough Republican votes to get the 60 required to defeat a filibuster. Does it really count as controlled if you don't actually have the votes to do anything?
    It was 50 Dems, the other 3 voted with Republicans.
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