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Thread: Amanda Knox wins Meredith Kercher murder appeal

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    Re: Amanda Knox wins Meredith Kercher murder appeal

    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    The Italian press constantly trumpeted claims that the British girl was upset that Knox left her "vibrator" around in plain sight and "had numerous men spend the night with her". They were doing all they could to convince the jury she was some whacked out nympho
    Yeah, which is why I'm skeptical of my own opinions about her. Apparently, a college kid having sex is scandal. The out of control media portrayal of "Foxy Noxy" was out of hand not all helped by the prosecutor who was obsessed with Satanic sex rituals.

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    Re: Amanda Knox wins Meredith Kercher murder appeal

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post
    Err she said she was.. then said she was not.. then said she was.. and then said she was not.
    False. She first stated that she was at Sollecito's apartment, which she maintains. The only time she ever contradicted this was during a 10-hour police interrogation when she was first arrested (and during which she claims she was struck by a police officer). This was also the same time when she implicated Mr. Lumumba, which was ALSO a theory concocted by the police and foisted upon her. I don't think the prosecution even disputes any of this, other than possibly her being struck by a police officer.

    Plus she lived there, so chances are she was at some point during that day.

    Most murders are done by people the murdered knew.. just saying.
    That in no way implicates any particular defendant as the murderer in any particular case.

    There is plenty of DNA evidence linking her to the crime scene.. she lived there after all. Now the evidence linking her to the crime is another matter. There is evidence but the defence has shown that the police screwed up. Now that does not mean she did not do it, just that the police were idiots.
    DNA evidence doesn't just magically disappear because the police screwed up. Rudy Guede's DNA was all over the crime scene. There was absolutely none from Knox or Sollecito. If they cleaned the place up, they must have done a perfect job removing all the evidence implicating themselves but not Guede.

    No but is of some sort of guilt...
    Not necessarily. But in any case, "some sort of guilt" is not an appropriate standard to use when someone is on trial for murder.

    No this about how the American media are biased when it comes down to one of their own and will do anything to make fun off and discredit outsiders to gain said persons freedom. Instead of sticking to the facts, the American media painted this woman as some sort of all American girl who was being pounded by the evil Italians. Now saying that the Italian media were no better in doing exactly the opposite. This case reminds me of the Lockerbie bomber case.. same bull**** US media bias over again.
    Any objective look at the evidence indicates that she is innocent. And not even just in a "There's insufficient evidence to convict her" way, but in a "There IS sufficient evidence to suggest that she's innocent" way.

    As for me not liking the US.. come on... what a load of bullcrap.
    Every time you post something retarded like "That WOULD be what an American would say" or "The US executed an innocent guy," you discredit yourself and reveal your true motives here.

    And you base this on her account? American media reporting or? Or on court facts? Just asking..You do realize that she got convicted on this point.... are you saying that the very court that freed her also screwed up on this point?
    Jesus Christ. Learn to read:
    And for that matter, even if she HAD accused him out of the blue, it would hardly suggest she was guilty of murder as opposed to merely under a lot of stress.

    In other words I didn't dispute that she accused him. If someone can be convicted of slander in Italy for agreeing to a story under duress which the police concocted, that's stupid but it's the law. And that's what she did. That has nothing to do with the murder though.

    LOL have you even followed the story? Her story changed did his.. That is why many people are very suspicious of this woman.
    No. You are very suspicious of this woman because she is a citizen of the Great Satan.

    Yea.. sure... that is why you dont have the innocents project, and that is why you did not just execute an very possibly innocent man... yea... sure..
    Moving on...

    Demeanour and physical evidence go hand in hand along with many other things (history and so on). Her demeanour screamed guilt of some sort... the evidence also screamed guilt up to a point.. but the fact that the evidence was badly collected means she walks.. for now. Like it or not the only evidence in that apartment was that of the 4 persons involved.. it has to be one or all 3 of them that did the murder.
    Why don't you stop lying. There is NO evidence to link either Knox or Sollecito to the murder. Absolutely nothing.

    Since none of them have any sort of alibi nor can get their stories straight, plus acted strangely.. then yes it is only the non corrupted physical evidence that is lacking to put the nail in the coffin so to say.
    Oh is that all? Yeah, who needs non-corrupted physical evidence anyway. She did cartwheels!

    As for something linking all three suspects to the murder: Why is it that only Rudy Guede's DNA was found at the crime scene, and not Knox or Sollecito? Why is it that there is no evidence in their phone histories or anywhere else that Guede ever even had contact with Knox and Sollecito prior to the murder? Why is it that Rudy Guede originally implicated two male strangers he'd never seen before, until AFTER it became clear that Knox/Sollecito were suspects when he latched on to that story? His story was always so radically different than theirs it is virtually impossible that the three were all involved.

    Of course his DNA is all over the place.. he was most likely screwing both girls and was at the scene several times...

    Why is it you want to blame the black man automatically over the white girl and boy? You do realize that much of the evidence against Rudy Guede is also going down the tubes right?
    There is plenty of evidence to convict him. His blood was all over the crime scene, he left a deuce in the toilet, he admits to having sex with Kercher on the night she was murdered, his blood was found in her purse on rent day when he was out of money, and his story was by far the least consistent of the three defendants.

    The sad fact is we will never know the truth because the police screwed up and the whole case turned into a media case with a USA vs Italy battle instead a battle over the truth... and in the end.. there is still a very dead British girl who has had no justice what so ever and that everyone has forgotten ... very little about the victim on the US news reports I have seen... and that is sad.
    Largely because of people like you who have a bloodlust toward Americans.
    Are you coming to bed?
    I can't. This is important.
    Someone is WRONG on the internet! -XKCD

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    Re: Amanda Knox wins Meredith Kercher murder appeal

    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEU View Post

    Sure I am
    Shirley, you are NOT.

    She was 20.. that is not young.
    It's young enough, and I am not going to belabor the issue of cartwheels amounting to evidence. If you think they do amount to evidence, then our discussion is over because you are obviously an imbecile.

    Now I want you to set aside your obvious racial and national prejudices and RE-READ the very link which you have described as "bursting my bubble," and try to analyze it through the eyes of a defense attorney.

    Now ask yourself: "What is wrong with this picture?"

    Stop trying to find excuses for her, and stick to the evidence then.
    Show me some evidence. I am not required to find excuses. You have to make your case. Thus far you have failed miserably at doing so.

    It is going to the Italian supreme court. So again you are wrong.
    If it does then it will die there. This case is de facto dead. It is rotten egg on the face of the Italian judiciary. All they really want to do is wipe it off and get past the embarassment as quickly as possible.

    Seems I know far more than you do...I aint the one linking movie reviews as evidence ...
    It seems more than obvious to me that your entire understanding of this case came from a teledrama, and most likely the very Lifetime teledrama mentioned in the link I provided (which is exactly why I provided it).

    Bottom line is that you don't know sh*t about this case. You are a racist, anti-American boob who let his petty biases get the better of his analytical intellect, and then made an ass of himsef by jumping to conclusions before bothering to familiarize himself with the real substance of the issue. You are a jackass of monumental proportions.

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