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Thread: 271 injured in Shanghai's subway crash

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    271 injured in Shanghai's subway crash

    SHANGHAI - Signal failure is being blamed for a subway train crash that injured more than 271 passengers on Tuesday.

    No one was killed in the crash, Shanghai's health bureau chief Xu Jianguang said at a news conference, adding that a total of 271 people have received treatment in hospitals.

    Sun Jianping, the traffic bureau chief, promised that authorities will conduct a thorough investigation into the accident.

    Apart from Line 10 in Shanghai, the system has been used in Beijing's subway Line 2 and the line linking the airport with the downtown area.
    Shanghai opened its first metro line in 1995 and currently has 11 lines, covering more than 420 km, carrying nearly five million passengers a day, according to figures from the operator.

    China is also pouring money into its urban underground networks, with nearly two dozen major cities given the green light in late 2009 to build 89 metro lines by 2016 - at an estimated cost of 880 billion yuan ($134 billion).

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    Wow - so tragic but it's good that no one was killed - and hopefully it will stay that way.
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    Re: 271 injured in Shanghai's subway crash

    This has fueled further anger that China is trying to build its infrastructure too quickly and is sacrificing safety for it... remember the high speed rail disaster a few weeks ago... tragic...
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