Sure, I'll piss in a cup.

The day I need help from the government.

I actually don't use any drug, except tobacco, if that counts, because if I get hurt at work, BAM, piss test.

It is illegal, and the more people that get caught doing it the better. Until it is legal, then who cares. I personally have no problem with anyone using drugs. But, seriously if you are going to ask for state assistance, then you should be happy to whiz in a cup.

And as for this statistic about people on welfare being the least likely to use, then seriously what is the issue? So it is useless, and won't catch anyone right?

And if that is all I have to do to get a free government money check is piss in a cup, then by god I'll piss in 4 everyday. I could wake up, and not do anything but go down and pee in a cup, even on stage I don't care, then go pay my rent and play some x box. Sounds like the american dream to me.