We got involved in the military intervention in Libya and other than exporting terrorism and here we have a growing threat just south of our Border with Mexico and people who can read and comprehend what they read know that it spills into America regularly, and what have we done?

Well let's see. Oh yea we sold the bad guys over 2,000 assault weapons they have used to kill who knows how many,
When are we going to have a leader that is willing to do something about this clear threat.

Obama is incapable of doing anything right and he proves it almost every day.

We need jobs and a positive attitude to get the Stock Market moving in the right direction and to get people to invest in the future rather than selling at a loss out of fear of tomorrow, and what does Obama do?
He goes on yet another vacation, nearly 50,000 have been killed in Mexico, and making Phoenix, AZ the bumber 2 kidnapping Capital of the World.

It's not just on Obama President Bush also did nothing on his watch either.

Only one week into the school year, 140 elementary schools in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco closed Monday after teachers refused to show up for fear of extortion threats and kidnappings by drug gangs.

About 600 teachers in the slums on Acapulco's mountainsides said they were intimidated by recent cases of extortion and abduction, said Julio Bernal, schools delegate for the southern Mexican state of Guerrero. Bernal said 140 of about 1,400 schools in Acapulco didn't open.

Two teachers said at least four of their peers had been kidnapped on the outskirts of Acapulco in the past eight days. The teachers agreed to discuss the situation only if their names were not used, saying they feared for their safety.