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Thread: ~Alaska Earthquake??~

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    ~Alaska Earthquake??~

    Ok, when I logged on early this morning, I thought I saw "Breaking News" on my homepage, something about a 7.1 earthquake hit near Alaska, and they are expecting a tsunami??
    Anyone else hear this??
    I haven't had time to sit and check it out....I'm, I wondered if anyone else heard the news??
    If there is already a thread regarding this, kindly disregard this one...I searched and couldn't find here I planted this one~

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    Re: ~Alaska Earthquake??~

    The 7.1 you heard must have one of the first reports the USGS always changes the magnitude as the information becomes more clear.

    Alaska Earthquake 2011: Quake Strikes Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands Region

    Alaska Earthquake 2011: Quake Strikes Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands Region

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A 6.8-magnitude earthquake in the Pacific Ocean prompted a brief tsunami warning early Friday morning for Alaska's Aleutian Islands.

    The warning was canceled after only a small wave was recorded in the community of Atka, Alaska.

    "In Atka, they had a little bump of a wave, but nothing of any kind of a destructive power. Just a wave," said Jeremy Zidek, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Homeland Security.

    The earthquake struck at about 2:55 a.m. AKDT, and there were no initial reports of injuries or damage, according to the United States Geological Survey.

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