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Go back and read the first pages of this OP. I'm not explaining it to you. You've shown nothing but gubamint love, defending the eco-nazi actions at every turn, unconditionally. The last thing I need to do is try to explain the basics to you, who is being purposefully obtuse. You want to believe up is down, it's a free country dude. Enjoy. Know that you're in the minority.

Provide evidence ...you cannot, you provide hearsay from a news article.

You can't even agree that Gibson deserves a court date.... the corporate hate, boring. You're lack of evidence, expected. You're constant demands... laughable.
Let's review all the facts Ockhams' got wrong

1) He claimed that Gibson is being prosecuted
2) He claims that the issue is about the violation of Indian law
3) He claims that the 6th amend has been violated (and then tried to back off, claiming it "may have been violated")
4) He claims Gibson has been "singled out", but cant identify any other possible violators who haven't been investigated
5) He claims Obama is behind it
6) He claims it's been going on for 4 years when it's only been 3
7) He claims that 4 years is extraordinary
8) He claims that it's a denial of due process

There's been so many inane claims, I may have forgotten some. Feel free to add to the list