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Washington (CNN) -- The Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Friday narrowly passed Speaker John Boehner's plan to raise the nation's the debt ceiling and slash government spending, sending the measure to Senate Democrats who have promised to immediately defeat it.

Boehner's proposal was approved by the House in a sharply polarized 218-210 vote that was delayed by a day while the speaker rounded up support from wary tea party conservatives. No Democrats supported the measure, and 22 of the 240 members of the Republican majority also opposed it.

Even if defeated in the Senate, the Boehner plan now is the Republican negotiating position for hammering out a deal with congressional Democrats and President Barack Obama to avert a possible government default next week.
House passes Boehner debt ceiling plan; focus shifts to Senate - CNN.com

For those keeping count:

House passed a budget.
House passed the Cut, Cap & Tax Bill.
House passed the Boehner Debt Ceiling Bill.