Another blow for Rupert Murdochís embattled News Corps.

Justice Department prosecutors are reviewing allegations that News Corp.ís advertising arm repeatedly hacked into the computers of a competitor in the United States as part of an effort to steal the rival firmís business, according to a lawyer for the company.

Bill Isaacson, the lawyer for Floorgraphics, a New Jersey-based advertising firm, told NBC News he was contacted this week by two federal prosecutors and an FBI agent based in New York seeking information about claims that the firmís computers were hacked by News America Marketing, the advertising division of Rupert Murdochís News Corp., seven years ago.

The allegations were first reported to the FBI in 2004 and prompted investigations at the time by the bureau, the Secret Service and the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, according to documents obtained by NBC News and congressional correspondence.

While never prosecuted, the claims became a key part of a civil lawsuit that Floorgraphics filed against News America. The case was resolved six days into a 2009 trial, when News America agreed to buy Floorgraphicsí assets for $29.5 million as part of an out-of-court settlement.
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