"A panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2 -1 to uphold the law in Thomas More Law Center v. Barack Hussein Obama.
This case is the first challenge to PPACA decided by a federal appellate court. Judges Boyce Martin, a Carter appointee, and Jeffrey Sutton, a George W. Bush appointee, decided that PPACA’s individual mandate to purchase private health insurance was constitutional under Congress’ Commerce Clause power. "

ObamaCare wins first appeals court victory | LifeSiteNews.com

"The health care market is unlike other markets. No one can guarantee his or her health, or ensure that he or she will never participate in the health care market. Indeed, the opposite is nearly always true. The question is how participants in the health care market pay for medical expenses – through insurance, or through an attempt to pay out of pocket with a backstop of uncompensated care funded by third parties. This phenomenon of costshifting is what makes the health care market unique. Far from “inactivity,” by choosing to forgo insurance plaintiffs are making an economic decision to try to pay for health care services later, out of pocket, rather than now through the purchase of insurance, collectively shifting billions of dollars, $43 billion in 2008, onto other market participants."

Obamacare Passes Its First Test - NYTimes.com