WASHINGTON (AFP) Two key US senators accused China of hampering a congressional probe into how counterfeit electronics ended up in the US military supply chain by denying entry visas to investigators.
The senators also said China had required that government minders attend any interviews conducted in China as part of the investigation, which was announced in March, but agreed that request was a "non-starter."

Levin and McCain said that they had worked for weeks to get entry visas for staff to visit the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong province, which they described as the epicenter of the fake parts trade based on US government reports.

"We are not confirming guilt or innocence, but there are sufficient allegations," said McCain, who warned that at stake was "the ability of this country to defend itself with weapons systems that it can rely on."
Anyone who things China is a friend of the U.S. just don't understand what is going on. Of course, China always has its wumao apologists, but they are just trying to cloud the fact that China is an adversary of the U.S. That is much is clear.