This is going to be bigger problem as time goes by because of the all vitriol we see being displayed even here with some who seem to always be on the edge of a blind rage rather than entering into an intelligent conversation.

It may be in some cases that some of these people lack the intellect required so they do as we see so many parroting what is said on many of the Major Media outlets.

I hear all the time accusations that so and so is this or that but there is seldom any examples, just the careless use of name calling and many time out right lies.

I think it's incumbent upon us all to know what is going on around us and make sure any problems you suspect should be reported and if you feel uncomfortable use an anonymous top line.

We are in this together and is anarchy takes over we will all suffer in ways I hate to even imagine.

Bandera County Sheriff's Office Issues Domestic Terrorism Warning - San Antonio & Texas News Story - KSAT San Antonio
According to Hicks, followers of the anti-government, anarchist movement, share the belief that the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution has tricked Americans into becoming citizens of the United States and has offered them privileges, such as driver's licenses and other government benefits, which act as so-called hidden contracts through which Americans effectively have given up their sovereignty.
Hicks said followers are often very vocal about their beliefs.

"They've very serious in their beliefs, and very serious when they do go to violence," Hicks said. "They'll kill you in a New York minute."