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Thread: E. Coli Outbreak From Sprouts, German Investigators Say

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    E. Coli Outbreak From Sprouts, German Investigators Say

    E. Coli Outbreak From Sprouts, German Investigators Say - ABC News

    Investigators have identified German vegetable sprouts as the source of the deadly European E. coli outbreak that has killed 31 people and sickened nearly 3,100, according to an announcement today.

    The outbreak might be one of the deadliest in modern history involving the foodborne pathogen. Reinhard Burger, president of the Robert Koch Institute, Germany's national disease control center, told reporters today that the pattern of the outbreak had produced enough evidence to implicate the sprouts even though no tests on sprouts from an organic farm in Lower Saxony had come back positive for the E. coli strain behind the outbreak.
    I don't trust this finding. Sprouts are not grown in soil, but in water, which means the water source had to be contaminated. - maybe from a ground source, like a well. If so, that still points to livestock contaminating the ground water via run off.

    E. coli doesn't just mutate into more lethal forms, it has to be stimulated by human practices and that means anti-biotics and crowded farms.

    The direct link has to go back to industrial farming conditions and I feel this investigation has not really explored or explained the origins.

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    Re: E. Coli Outbreak From Sprouts, German Investigators Say

    It is indeed good news that the source has been found and Europeans can relax if they didn't eat any these offending item.

    Now we need to get to the cause of the outbreak here.
    The Northeast Tennessee E. coli outbreak has grown to include an 11th victim as health officials continue to search for the source of the outbreak, the Sullivan County Regional Health Department said in a press release.

    The outbreak in eight northeast Tennessee counties may soon include three more cases pending test results. All of those illnesses are in addition to two severe infections to children from Southwest Virginia. Tragically, a 2-year-old girl died and was confirmed to be infected with E. coli O157:H7, possibly from food.
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