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One of the reasons that I have to call customer service so often stems from a complete lack of quality assurance. When I read: Use the 4 thumb screws provided, and there are no thumb screws to be found anywhere in the box that I received, it saddens me greatly. Or things that do not work right when you receive them. My wife had to go though 4 brands of coffee makers from Walmart before she brought one home that worked. She probably had better things to do than to drive back and forth to Walmart 4 times.

My biggest pet peeve concerns the customer service that has a computer ask you questions, then when you state the problem you get: "I didn't get that, please state the problem again". I've found that cussing at the computer voice gets me to a real person much quicker.

Ex: "Please state the problem again". "Go **** yourself you piece of ****, son-of-a-bitchen, cocksucking, poor excuse for a silicon blob". "Wait one moment while I transfer your call". :-)
I've discovered the same technique. It lets me vent my rage without offending anyone and tends to get in touch with a real live flesh and blood human being much faster.