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Thread: Obama Administration Targets Top Dogs for Corporate Crimes

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    Obama Administration Targets Top Dogs for Corporate Crimes

    This is strictly a political stunt and there might be a few CEOs get charged but they will either drag it for over a year or put a couple in jail because Obama has shown he hates people with power in business.

    I believe nothing coming out of this Administration. On the one hand he wants Amnesty and benefits for illegal Alliens, now he comes up with this.

    Obama Administration Targets Top Dogs for Corporate Crimes -

    The Obama administration is getting personal.

    Taking a cut-the-head-off-the-snake approach to law enforcement, federal officials are moving to punish individual executives and employers for the crimes of their companies. The approach so far has been used to deal with problems ranging from health care fraud to illegal immigration, and is being championed by several federal agencies.

    Though in some cases employers are culpable for crimes committed at their companies, in many others they are being punished for transgressions they did not personally commit. The trend has startled some legal and advocacy groups which warn the administration is going too far.

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    Re: Obama Administration Targets Top Dogs for Corporate Crimes

    Good. Corporate crime is a far bigger problem in this country than, say, all the people who are locked up for nonviolent drug offenses. Will you rush to THEIR aid and accuse the governors, presidents, and attorneys general who prosecute drug offenders of orchestrating a "political stunt"?

    I thought not.
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