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Thread: WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

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    Re: WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

    Quote Originally Posted by Middleground View Post
    We do? Each and every day? Shoot, I miss all of that good stuff!

    Listen, the Who report is not up in arms pointing fingers and shouting that cell phones are deadly. To me, they gave a heads up. Frankly, I am glad for such organizations because I have little doubt there's a lot out there that we--as consumers--are oblivious to. Cigarettes started out to be a healthy thing to suck into out lungs, and had the backing of many doctors. It's kinda funny to think that was possible (now that we know the whole truth). But it certainly did happen. So to me, it *IS* possible that cell phones could cause certain forms of cancer. Fifty years from now, that generation just might shake their heads and think, "WTF were they thinking allowing microwave radiation so close to their heads?"
    That's unlikely to happen because the wavelengths released are negligible.
    Not to mention that we've had cellphones for near on 30 years and cancer has yet to develop in such huge amounts from their usage.

    Quite frankly, everything has a toxicity level.
    Every single thing on this planet, can be toxic to you.

    WHO is finding a reason to exist, by scaring people about nothing.
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    Re: WHO: Cell phone use can increase possible cancer risk

    Quote Originally Posted by Alfons View Post
    I will not wonder if cell phones will be prohibited in five or ten years.
    i always use cellphone a lot.if cell phones are prohibited then people will must use somthing different.

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