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Thread: Al-Jazeera footage captures 'western troops on the ground' in Libya

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    Re: Al-Jazeera footage captures 'western troops on the ground' in Libya

    Quote Originally Posted by BmanMcfly View Post
    Ya... I know... crazy concept telling the truth about stuff. I mean, does anyone see how this discredits the US / NATO position of being a "humanitarian mission" as a lie, a cover-story to avoid legitimate justification for war. (though arguably there hasn't been a just war since WW2 that the US has been involved in)
    The UK and France are thinking about it, while we're doing it. WTF is Obama thinking?
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    Re: Al-Jazeera footage captures 'western troops on the ground' in Libya

    Quote Originally Posted by kaya'08 View Post
    Actually it's just you that has made that claim with absolute conviction so far. There is little evidence to suggest Al Qaeda has any role in any of this. In fact it has been clearly stated from every respected regional analyst that this uprising is one for the people, a tulip era against the tyranny and those who wanted to achieve this through terrorist and religious means have been left behind. You seem to forget who blew up Pan Am, remember that before you cuddle up to this man.
    Oh, all I did was provide the source where they say that al-quaida leaders are part of the resistance to gadaffi.... I don't know any NUMBERS of people, but it's part of the public record now that al-quaida is part of this resistance... the same resistance that US / NATO is helping in Libya.

    I'm not saying he's a "good guy" either... shades of grey. There's a reason why the founding fathers wanted a policy of non-intervention, it gets messy, and when you get your hands in every countries internal fights you wind up in a situation like we've created where we are now in a position of supporting a group that we are fighting in another part of the world.

    And what "treachery" exactly??
    Umm... care to read what you are responding to next time?? The treachery was the example of offering support to both sides of a war... it was meant as a simplified analogy of getting your hands dirty supporting groups in some cases while being at war with them in other cases, etc...

    Certainly not but the case of Libya is different, because the Libyan leader has decided to massacre his own people and the displacement of that war has come at the expense of European security.
    Ok, let's just say that there was a massive uprising in the US... are you HONESTLY going to try and tell me that the army would not shoot down this insurrection??

    But I suppose that makes sense... now, we are supporting al-quaida in the middle east on behalf of europe. That makes perfect sense... why didn't I think of that.

    A quick decisive victory from either side would be beneficial for us from a security and energy security viewpoint, sure. However to actively support a leader who is leading a genocide against his own people make US criminals. We should water the budding roots of every Democratic movement everywhere - this isnt imperialism, this is us supporting human rights and human dignity because we know no other system on this planet is better suited for this job.
    Oh, so you actually believe that if Libya's major export was... I dunno, say broccoli, that we would still be taking part in this??

    And then, we are installing democracy, so I must hate democracy now... wow, you really buy into FOX / CNN without question. Anyway, Egypt had a CHANCE to become a 'democracy' but instead they were given a new military dictatorship, and we're fine with that... So, what's your plan after the middle east is all democracies?? Bring democracy to China??

    Human rights - Wow, this is great... we are their committing human atrocities in the name of human rights and dignity. Can we spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y??

    And it is through our humanity we seek to help the rebels, and through warfare we are forced to achieve it. If removing Muammer ends the murder of children and innocent women, then i support it.
    Murdering women and children to save women and children... have you really thought through all the ramifications of your positions here??? I could swear that, on this issue at least, that you believe absolutely unquestioningly everything that's come out of FOX / CNN about the middle east??

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